Year review 2021


When this year started I was prepared and planned that I am going to do freelancing and other side project. As the year started everything was slow moving. I didn’t have any freelancing client for my web development, so I worked on my side project up-till April. Unfortunately that didn’t worked out well. I started focusing on web development.

  1. Created many codepens; participated in 6 codepen challenges. Many of them were liked by the community and featured on different places. Most appreciated pen
  2. There are 4-5 half done web projects 😞 I am planning to complete these projects in 2022.
  3. I applied for talk to one CSS conference (, unfortunately didn’t get selected.
  4. Attended AAA conference in November
  5. Worked with 3 clients for web development small to medium size.

One of the best thing that happened was I got one amazing client whose work was pretty challenging and it was the highest paying work of mine. This gave me validation for my skills and hell lot of confidence 😁. Treated myself by buying 16-inch M1 MacBook Pro 😀.

  1. Bought an iPhone as well. Now I have a well connected Apple ecosystem with MacBook, iPhone and iPad.

I learnt doodling in November 2020. And I have been practicing it throughout 2021. On average I created around one illustration a week. Find them on my Instagram.

I like to plan and organise things in general. So This year I thought of trying to use planner, One of my friend recommended planner by Alicia Souza. I like to write things down with pen and paper, hence I choose this physical planner. I am glad I bought this, I write about everyday in this as nighttime routine, do monthly planning, write summary of every month. This has helped me lot in seeing how I am spending my time, prioritizing stuff and many more.


Read three books — “Becoming”, “Words of gratitude” and “Steal like an artist”. The best book I have read this year is Becoming by Michelle Obama. This book has so much to learn from. It has broadened my views on various aspects of life.


It was a very tough year at a personal level. Most of the year I wasn’t well and in September I had a gallbladder removal surgery. After that few months of recovery. Emotionally it was a roller coaster ride throughout the year due to the health and personal life issues. I am glad that I stand still in this and time passed by giving me more confidence and learning for future years.

Wrapping up

With new plans and learnings from the past year looking forward to the great year ahead. HAPPY NEW YEAR!