I create Accessible, Performant, Responsive, Interactive & Animated websites with code.

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you can use my contribution to create:

Websites User Interface

With great attention to detail, using HTML, CSS, SVG and JS, I will convert your designs into an accessible, interactive, engaging and performant website. I have experience with,

  • Static site generators like Astro, 11ty, Gatsby etc.
  • Singe-page Apps and server rendered Multi-page Apps using libraries like React, Vue and server side templating languages
  • Custom WordPress themes using ACF(Advanced Custom Fields).

Animations using GSAP / CSS

I can help you engage your users on your websites. Convey your story through animations. I use GreenSock as my preferred library for animations. It is robust and has many great plugins to create amazing animations. If your preference is using CSS and plain JS to create animations, I do that as well.

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work I do for clients; and lab:

I built the website for LifeSci Communications. It has a complex, modern layout, and every page has different line animations on scroll. Project details.

Tech: WordPress, Elementor, Greensock

At Equivalent Design, I’m responsible for creating all the accessible SVG animations. I clean the SVGs, make them performant & WCAG compliant. e.g., in the animation for Sam, the guide dog above, I added support for reduced motion, light & dark mode, high contrast mode, reader app, etc.

Tech: SVG, Greensock

Line animation on scroll with graphics between them. This was part of the CodeSandbox GSAP challenge. It's a replica of the famous Lemonade website .

Demo / Source code

Tech: SVG, Greensock

I recreated in CodePen Apple’s beautiful "hello" screen saver. CodePen featured it in their Spark collection.

Demo / Source code

Tech: SVG, Greensock

I used GreenSock’s FLIP plugin to create this animation as part of the CodePen challenge. The community loved it.

Demo / Source code

Tech: Greensock, FLIP plugin

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