2022 Year in Review: A Journey of Health, Travel, and Self-Improvement

Highlight of my year

The year 2022 started off on a rough note with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. However, it was also a year of growth and self-discovery for me.

In February, I contracted Covid-19, and my health took a hit. However, I bounced back with the help of a personal yoga trainer, who helped me improve my strength, mind, and body through yoga. I saw significant changes in myself and felt more empowered than ever.

I traveled to some incredible places this year, including Hampi, Mandaragiri Hill, Mysore, Mumbai, and Kochi. Each trip was unique and gave me a new perspective on life. I also discovered my love for trekking and the great outdoors.

I read many books this year, but my favourite was “Limitless” by Radhika Gupta. This book inspired me to aim for limitless possibilities and to never stop learning.

In my professional life, I took on many small and medium client projects throughout the year. I also started creating YouTube videos. I took part in helping GreenSock forum and became a specialist on the same.

I made a conscious effort to improve myself technically and took courses such as Cassie’s workshop, Cube CSS, Utopia, Kevin Powell’s course on CSS, and Everyday layout. These courses helped me grow my knowledge on SVG and I received recognition from my peers for my expertise. I also created three excellent demos of animations on CodePen, which were well received.

Last, I redesigned my portfolio and added animations to showcase my skills. It was a proud moment for me and I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that 2022 brought my way.

Here’s to another year of growth and self-discovery!