Recollecting 2020

From past two years I am writing reviews at the end of the year and every year it used to be tweet. This time I decided to do a blog post. Below are the past reviews.

2018-2019 year review

In January 2020, I did a solo trip. Attended a close friend’s wedding and met friends. I preserved those moments in my sketch note.

solo trip sketch note

After coming from here I decided to get back to work again as I was in long break. But all thanks to pandemic I took a step back and decided to just focus on family and health.

Around this lockdown time March and April, I did binge reading. From a person who used to hate reading books apart from technical once it is big achievement. I wrote about my book reading journey here. This year I read around 15 books(tech + no tech) and around 6 are in progress, I maintain my reading status in Goodreads app.

I wrote blog posts.

7 Concepts: Why Your SVG Is the Way It Is

In Illustrator- Remove transformations from SVG while exporting

Below article got published in CSS Tricks. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to Get Handwriting Animation With Irregular SVG Strokes

I created many animations using Greensock in Codepen, which are appreciated by the community.

After seeing my work, In May I got offer from a US company to work with them for animations on contract basis. And I took it because of flexible hours and this is the kind of work I wanted to do. After this, worked with few more clients. And the Journey began of working as a Freelancer. I had certain opinion about being a freelancer and working as a full time employee and I do not wanted to do freelance. But things changed, and I will write about my journey and thoughts about working as freelancer and as a full time employee soon.

I dealt with mental health issues for around 2 months, came out of it with the support of family, friends and art.

I learned doodling by joining a workshop by Swetha Singh. And I loved it. I joined few more art classes, started painting. Because this gives me lot of joy. To explore more with digital tools and unleash my creativity my husband gifted me iPad with pencil. So I started exploring illustrator on iPad and started by digital art journey. I have separate Instagram for all my creations.

ipad image

From early this year my in-laws are staying with us. Before they used to come max for 15 days. I was little worried about staying together for longer time that too it was unplanned. By gods grace everything is going good till now, and they being with us helped us in lot of ways. And hence we shifted to bigger home. This place is way more spacious and comfortable with lot of wind and sunlight.

With lot of learnings-personal and professional, experiences good and bad, having some vision for the future, peace of mind, positivity in my thoughts looking forward for the new year. I do not believe in making resolutions so not writing about it.

With this wishing you all a happy and healthy NEW YEAR.